Saturday, July 16, 2011

His Latest Flame - America Blue (1990)

Here's another recent find from Notting Hill, a 12" EP from the ever popular Scottish songbirds. "America Blue" was from their album In The Neighbourhood but I believe the other three tracks were exclusive to this release.

His Latest Flame - America Blue

1. America Blue
2. Tongue Tied
3. Footsteps
4. Londonderry Road (Acoustic Version)



Stephen said...

Great find, thanks. This is the alternate version of America Blue (different instrumental in the middle from the album version) that I've been searching years for. I had a copy recorded off the radio, but the DJ talked over it.

Stephen said...

That "80's Vinyl Gems" blog you just mentioned has His Latest Flame - Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt 12" Maxi-Single.

Disco D said...

I just discovered your blog today and... my word... it is bloody amazing!!
So many tracks that I remember or own on vinyl. I know a lot of people would consider them obscure, but that's the beauty of your blog.
It's like an alternative radio station. Alternative to the same old 80's hits that get played to death. Radio stations aren't brave enough to slip in the odd obscure (but, great) song.

So, a big thank you for me.
Keep up the good work!
Final note...
Upon carrying out my own rips (for my own consumption) I record to 32bit 44.1Khz PCM WAV. And, if I ever share, I convert to 16bit 44.1Khz FLAC &/or 256k AAC. Believe or not, the latter Apple codec is a much better compression than 320CBR MP3 Lame. I used to think differently, but my ears and eyes have proved me wrong. Much more of the bandwidth is retained using AAC, and of course, it is iTunes/iPod friendly too.
Just a tip. Not a criticism!

Sam said...

His Latest Flame on YouTube...
(America Blue on Terry Wogan)
(a live charity gig)

Stephen said...

Another rare live performance of America Blue has recently appeared on YouTube.

Mike Williams said...

When I saw His Latest Flame in 1986, they were doing "Footsteps" then, I was disappointed that the song never got released at that time. Great song, would should have been a single :-)