Monday, July 11, 2011

Unique - His Golden Hand LP (1988)

Over the years I have posted music on the blog, I've always been excited to feature rare and unusual acts I have not seen anywhere else. A couple of years ago I featured a single by Seeing Red from my home island of Guernsey. After attending a local record fair last autumn I also found this LP, which I vaguely remembered being advertised locally at the time, but I had not seen since. I don't know anything about Unique as an artist, but the album was produced by Tim Bran who went on to be involved in Dreadzone. A very rare example of a modern rock/new wave/indie dance record wholly recorded and sold in the Channel Islands. I hope you enjoy this one!

Unique - His Golden Hand (1988)

1. Moon Music Overture
2. I Got Younger
3. Eskimo
4. Inchman
5. Tear of Fire
6. I Got Younger (Nappy Remix)
7. Safe As Houses
8. But I Wasn't Laughing
9. When The World Started Turning
10. I Am Not An Animal

Side One
Side Two

[Update] After discovering the second album, Psychadermic (released in 1991) I found a MySpace page here, in which Unique and his band The Style Warriors show every intention of growing old disgracefully!

[Second Update] I've now re-ripped and posted the album again in two parts.

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