Sunday, August 28, 2011

Private Lives - Where Do I Go

7" single, released in 1980

Here is the elusive first single by Private Lives. There seems to be quite a few fans of John Adams and his various outputs which has provided an alternative music soundtrack to the 80's including synth pop, dance pop, moody balladeering and, as here, new wave power pop.

I wrote to Cherry Red a while back suggesting they might like to reissue some Private Lives stuff, especially as the recent chart band Hurts is basically a carbon copy. But, they do not feel there would be enough interest, apparently.

I will continue to feature more Private Lives material as I am able to track it down. Enjoy!


mineforlife said...

I have ripped the single again in full stereo and updated the links.

Rissan said...

Unfortuantly the links are not working anymore.

friarminor said...

Hoping for a reup. Thanks.

mineforlife said...

Links have been updated. Enjoy!