Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Karel Fialka - Still Life (1980)

Here's an album I've been looking for over a number of years. Finally, this is my own rip so others can enjoy it too.

Still Life was Karel Fialka's debut album, released on the Blueprint label (a Pye subsidiary) in 1980. It included the hit single "The Eyes Have It" as well as another single "Armband" and a cover of The Doors' "People Are Strange".

Karel has hardly been prolific in his career, just releasing two other projects Human Animal in 1987 and Film Noir in 2009. His style is fairly unique, combining a pop sensibility, a willingness to experiment, and a sense of drama. Over the course of an album his vocal style grates a little - he tends to sing-shout and has a slight accent - but every track is different and succinct. It's easy to forget that this was pretty cutting edge new wave at the time he recorded it.

You have to admire the cover artwork (presumably an allusion to the track "File In Forget") but I'm not sure what the cutaway picture of the machine gun is all about.

"The Eyes Have It" would also be later re-recorded. This album has never been released on CD however.

1. The Eyes Have It
2. People Are Strange
3. File In Forget
4. The Cost
5. Rough and Ready
6. Armband
7. Still Life
8. The Good The Bad and The Ugly
9. Exude When I'm Bruised
10. Appointment In Samarra

Download [Link removed]

Update: I got a DMCA complaint on this one, which is interesting. I'd be more than happy to point people towards a place where you can legally obtain these tracks, either on a CD or as a download. As far as I know, there is nothing out there. If I'm wrong, I'd love to know!!


Anonymous said...

Cool record. Where can I find this one on CD or as download?

mineforlife said...

Not sure. May try to repost this at some point. His last album - only available on vinyl (Peace V War) - is pretty good also.