Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Illustrated Man

Illustrated Man Mini-LP
Released in 1984

1. Head Over Heels (Single Mix)
2. Just Enough
3. Fall From Grace
4. Moving Forward
5. Day Without End
6. Head Over Heels (Double Mix)
7. Songs Of The Heart (Bonus Track)


Here's a "mini LP" I found in the USA a few years ago now. It's interesting to me how the Americans often used this format as opposed to releasing two or three different singles - mainly because pop charts were airplay based and not based on individual sales as was the case in the UK. I have several of these to share over the next few weeks.

Illustrated Man were a so-called "supergroup" featuring two Britons and two Aussies. Hugo Burnham played drums and had been a member of Gang of Four. Rob Dean had played guitar with Japan, and Philip Foxman and Roger Mason had played with groups in Australia and had backed Gary Numan. They released two singles in the UK but despite an excellent sound had little commercial success and disbanded later in 1984.


Anonymous said...

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Sebastian said...

Head Over Heels is incredible... I do remember the EP format being hyped in the 80's and I wasn't too keeen on it back then but now I love it. Good way to sample an act without giving up an hour of your life... Too bad this act couldn't get more recognition!

mineforlife said...

Thanks for all your comments Sebastian...I'm not updating much at the moment but I enjoy reading the comments, it's nice to know other people appreciate the same music as me!

Anonymous said...

Re mini-LPs - part of it was also that, for whatever reason, with very few exceptions, America never really was much for the "non-LP" single concept. (Or EPs in general, at least in a 7" format.) I think part of this may also have been the difference in costs and distribution involved, considering the size of the country and the break-even point that would be necessary. As late as the late 80's and early 90's there were still things going on like the US record companies slapping together a bonus "single" with to a full CD to be sold as a bundle. The KLF and Pet Shop Boys are the two main ones that come to mind at the moment.

martijn13 said...

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