Sunday, September 16, 2012

Burning Sensations

Here's another of those US "Mini-LPs" they seemed to like in the early eighties. Burning Sensations was a Los Angeles band fronted by Tim McGovern, formerly of the Motels.

This EP included 4 tracks, but only the single Belly Of The Whale was included on the subsequent album which was also self-titled.

The band broke up in 1987.

Burning Sensations Mini LP (1983)

1. Belly Of The Whale
2. Check Your Mail
3. Carnival Of Souls
4. Jokenge


Tim McGovern
Rob Hasick
Barry Wisdom
Morley Bartnof
Jeff Hollie
Michael Temple

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Morley Bartnoff said...

Appreciate your blog.

We recorded a full LP and had a Great time recording Jonathan Richmond's "Pablo Picasso"
At Cherokee Recorders on Fairfax

it was a great 4 year run of fun. Morley B