Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Rave-Ups - Class Tramp (1983)

I've decided I love the Rave-Ups. I've owned the 1990 CD Chance for years but partly because of the name I've always associated the group with Baggy England and didn't think they had done much else. When I found this six track album in the dollar bin, I wasn't sure it was the same group, but a quick flick through Trouser Press set me straight.

The remarkable thing about this first recording is main man Jimmer Podrasky's way with a studio. Clearly the dominant force (the line up would change before the first album proper) the writing is clear and incisive, the music direct and succinct, and the dynamics are truly worthy of a well honed studio band. The way Jimmer tells it, the band performed for years without looking for a deal or cutting a demo, and that shows in the professionalism on display here.

More Rave-Ups on the way very soon.

1. They Do Talk
2. That Mexico Song
3. It's You
4. A Girl We All Know
5. Right Now
6. Up To Me

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Here's a Sendspace link also.

Jimmer released a solo album a couple of years ago. More details here.


jonder said...

Would love to hear some more Rave-Ups, especially the Town + Country album! Can't seem to get Box to DL for me, but will keep trying.

Pernt said...

Hi! I found your blog a couple of months ago, and discovered a treasure of awesome music. It looked like you were gone for a while... glad to have you back!

Just wanted to see if the link for this new entry is broken or not working or something. When I hit the "Download" button, nothing happens. And I tried in two different browsers, just to see if I was doing something wrong.

Keep up the great musical work!


mineforlife said...

The download worked for me, but it does look like you now have to be signed up with Box for the link to work.

mineforlife said...

I've added a link for 4shared, let me know if this works better.

Anonymous said...

I can't get the 4shared link to work either, unfortunately. Perhaps I am doing something wrong.

P.S.: Thanks for your great blog!

mineforlife said...

Added a Sendspace link as well.

Anonymous said...

Sendspace link worked perfectly. Thanks so much!