Thursday, September 24, 2015

Random 80's (or 90's) Thursday

Big Clock - Lori (from The Boy With The Wooden Head, 1990)
The Jeremy Days - That's What I Call Love (from The Jeremy Days, 1988)
Panic - Let It Go (from Familiar Dreams, 1991)
The Talk - Dream Time (from New Language, 1984)
Michael Des Barres & Holly Knight - Obsession (from A Night In Heaven Soundtrack, 1983)


MrOktober said...

Never heard of Panic and there is nothing on Discogs but they are on Itunes and Spotify and I gave the album a listen and it is quite good. Would like to know more about them or if any members went on to other groups.

Cory said...

Awesome shares, thank you!!

Any chance you happen to have the 7" single from Minor Detail titled, "She's Back"???