Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Random 80's Wednesday

Decided to link to some YouTube videos today.

Willy Finlayson - On The Air Tonight

I came across "On The Air Tonight" while looking through the top 100 singles archives for 1984 and 1985. I was looking for good songs that didn't break into the Top 40 and this was one of them.

John Eddie - Jungle Boy

I recently picked up John Eddie's 2003 CD Who The Hell Is John Eddie, after liking his cover of Inbetween Days on an Elektra compilation a while ago. When I found he had some 80's singles out there, I had to check them out.

Gee Mr Tracy - Permanent Swoon

Having seen a single on eBay, it proved surprisingly difficult to find any other music blogs with their stuff on. That will have to be rectified!

Tessa Niles And Status Quo - The Safety Dance

Not strictly 80's - I think this was a 1996 concert - but I just love Tessa Niles and I came across this while looking for one of her (rare) solo singles. Tessa was one of the top backing vocalists in the 80's and there is a good summary of her career here.  And I don't know if the 'Quo performed at the London Olympics but to me they are the quintessential English pub rock band.

Virna Lindt - Attention Stockholm

I don't know much about Virna Lindt but I've been doing some research lately on the Compact Organisation, an early 80's record label in North London. Apparently this was a Smash Hits single of the week. They also released a record by Cynthia Scott, who later appeared in Aliens as Corporal Dietrich.

If you enjoy any of these, let me know!!

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