Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Random 80's Wednesday

Nacey And Matthew - Jamie (from Electric Stares, 1984)
Sight Unseen - Is This Heaven (from Sounds Eclectic, 1987)
The Other Side - Is It Any Wonder (7" Single, 1987)
Grey Parade - The Empty Room (from The Reason, 1985)
Dan Barr - Bus Full Of Nuns (from WEBN Album Project 8, 1985)

"Jamie" is a terrific little song which I couldn't wait to post. I found the album by scanning through 1984 albums for sale on Discogs, and a quick google search led me to a YouTube post. I knew right away I needed this record, unoriginal it may be for sure, but I'm a sucker for this kind of sound - to me very reminiscent of Jimmy Jimmy and their bright young pop.


Stevo said...

Hi, I've just found your excellent blog, whilst looking for any info on His Latest Flame, after listening again to Somebody's gonna get hurt was spiked. Your blog appears to be one of the mines of information about them, even wiki isn't in on the game. Anyway, now that I've found you, I was more than excited to find you had quite a few singles/lps available, then found all the links had expired, excitement quashed. Any chance you may have time to upload all the links? I managed to get In the Neighborhood LP from here:
one of your regular contributors was kind enough to provide.
Thanks in advance, Stevo

mineforlife said...

Hi Stevo and thanks for dropping by. I will be glad to re up all the HLF material - they do seem to be very popular and I even think a couple of the girls posted comments looking to get back in touch with each other at one point. Watch this space.

Stevo said...

Ooh thank you, look forward to it.