Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Rema - Germaine

7" Single, released in 1987

Rema - Germaine (A-Side)
Rema - With Me (B-Side)

This is a terrific little synthpop single, and although quite obscure, is a ditty that has been associated with several bands on the fringes of the New Wave scene. "Germaine" was written by Ian Goral for his band Pozer from the Guildford area, and it originally had a much more power pop style to it. Rema was apparently also known as Rema Cadiz, based in Croydon, and several of their recordings are available on YouTube, such as an earlier version of Germaine.

The three members of Rema are listed as Samma (Simon Clothier) who is still active as a songwriter, Ian Penman on keyboards, and Dave Manlow on drums. I have to say the keyboard work on the single elevates the song into a different dimension, so Ian Penman deserves a lot of credit for his arrangement. I'm not sure if he performed on anything else.

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