Thursday, August 11, 2016

Yes Let's - Carried Away

7" Single, released in 1984

Yes Let's was a short lived pop band consisting of Paul Weston, Dai Chetley, Ingmar Kiang and Joe Gibb. The A-Side was produced by Langer and Winstanley. They had a few more songs but (I believe) only got to release the one single. The mixes on the twelve inch are also worth searching out.


mineforlife said...

Forgot to mention a couple of videos:

4 O'Clock Walk

Man Nets A Million

Pernt said...

Hi M.F.L. Love you blog. I don't know if you're aware, but the second song of this posted single is the same as the first one. An honest mistake, I'm sure... Too much music to keep track of!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi there
Great posts

This one A-Side posted twice?


mineforlife said...

I have fixed the B-Side link - thanks for letting me know! It's been that kind of week...:)

Pernt said...

No problem! Anything I can do to help. Keep up the good work!