Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Random 80's Wednesday

Let's see what's been playing at MFL Towers these past few days...

Wet Picnic - Cocktailed Sky (from Balls Up, 1982) 
Salvation Sunday - Reservations (Unreleased, circa 1986) 
Z6 - You, Eugene And Me (7" Single, 1983) 


joel dantas said...


Haven Terrace - In A West Coast Town it's great, any chance for the b-side.


Tim said...

Ah, my favorite day of the blogging week. Thanks as always!

mineforlife said...

Joel and Tim, thanks for your kind comments. Bit of a rush this week, sometimes being a tax accountant has it's disadvantages!

My random tracks are usually things I have found online but don't own the actual vinyl yet. Haven Terrace was one of a half dozen 45's on eBay that I bid on a couple of weeks ago - I didn't win any as most of them went for 40 dollars or more but there was some audio in the listing which I cleaned up. So I don't have the B-Side or even know what it was called - but would love to hear it myself.

Cory said...

Love your blog - and thank you all the cool tracks you share!!

I recently stumbled upon your older posts about the group Empire, and was wondering if you by chance have the b-side titled "Behind Closed Doors" that you could share?

Thanks again for all the great music!

mineforlife said...

Hi Cory

Although I have the Empire unreleased album and two of their singles, I don't have that B-Side. The good news though is that I just ordered the single with some other albums I wanted so it should be up soon!

Cory said...

Awesome, thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Cocktail skies is great, heard it long time ago. Thanks from argentina Casually where gustavo santaolalla (THink is the guitarist)comes from.