Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Rent Boys - Kick Down The Door

7" Single, released in 1980

For quite a long time I thought the Private Lives single, "Where Do I Go", was the earliest by John Adams and the band. Then I read about a year or so ago that "Kick Down The Door" was an earlier single released in the same year under a different name. In my continuing quest* to track down all the John Adams/Private Lives material I've noted the various different styles the man managed to commit to vinyl. Here John and co jump on the Police/pop reggae bandwagon. I believe I now have all the John Adams related singles from 1980 to 1987, so it's about time to put some sort of compilation together. You're welcome.

*like Star Trek, but without any kind of prime directive.

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xymox970 said...

Just found a review on the smash hits blog site where Steve Strange said
about Living In a World Turned Upside Down
that the best work from John Adams was already behind him....

I tend to agree.....
Memory Of Your Name is his absolutely finest hour.