Sunday, March 22, 2020

Sleep Of Reason - Building 27 (1987)

I don't know much about Sleep Of Reason. They released one album on Top Records in 1987 and came from the Vienna, Virginia area apparently. Band members were Steve Hansgen, Tom Rowland, Arnie Karklis and Vince Silberberg.


Geoff Wright said...

Hey brought here purely by chance, I was in a UK band in the early 80s and searched for the single we had out in 87 (as you do) on an mp3 search engine and to my surprise there it was!!! with a (mineforlife.blogspot/com/es) tag on the track,so here i am, im not here for anything other than to let you know that you have an amazing back catolgue of information buddy, well done fella.


mineforlife said...

Thanks Geoff your kind comments are much appreciated. I would love to know which single you are referring to. I promise to post it up here if I haven't already.

Geoff Wright said...

It's strange but the tagged track lead me here but i was unable to find it, the song in question is by a band called "President" and the track is called "European Summer"


mineforlife said...

Hi Geoff, "European Summer" is one of many singles I have copied onto my hard drive which a friend of mine has been circulating with the proviso that he keeps the reference to my blog. Most of them I hope to feature on here eventually.

I've been a fan of the band for a short while (you can read my YouTube comment on the Coast video a couple of years ago) and I am very happy to mention the single for everyone to enjoy and also to mention the new single you have coming out this week. Keep the music coming!