Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Random 80's Wednesday

[mp3] The Quick - Bed of Nails (from Wah-Wah, 1986)
[mp3] Hubert KAH - The Picture (from Ten Songs, 1986)
[mp3] Sharpe & Numan - Breathe In Emotion (from Automatic, 1989)
[mp3] Rouen - Shake (from Young For A Day, 1987)
[mp3] Blue Zoo - (You Can) Count On Me (from 2 x 2, 1983)

If you like this kind of thing, there's plenty more here. I have to admit, while I love scoring rare, old 80's tracks, there's something to be said for looking at the cover art at the same time. Nice one, Klaus!

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xolondon said...

Those ARE obscure! Thanks for the link to the 80's site (and to mine too!). Congrats on your blog...