Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tenuous BSG Follow Up

Diary of a Battlestar Commander:

XO: 'Commander, there's a toaster on the recreation deck!'
Commander: 'Oh, frak! Quick, send in a squad of highly trained marines and lots of guns. And someone expendable.'
XO: 'No, commander, I mean there's a toaster. The crew were tied of eating Frosted Flakes.'
Commander: 'My bad.'

Later that very same day!

XO: 'Commander, there's a toaster in your private quarters!'
Commander: 'Thanks for your concern, but I prefer jelly donuts!'
XO: 'No Commander, you don't understand. There's a toaster in your quarters. And she's lying on a rug wearing not-very-much clothing!'
Commander: 'War is hell. Take over the con, Mr. Sulu!'
XO: 'Sir, my name is Tigh. As in Tigh one on.'
Commander: 'Well, either way, I'm interrogating the babe. I mean, toaster. Sheesh, this sci-fi stuff is blowing my mind.'

Well, which would you rather find in your kitchen on a Saturday morning?

Either way, I'm glad the Cylons lost the skirts - remember those back in '78?

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