Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Random 80's Wednesday

Press play on tape to hear all this week's selections!

[mp3] Kevin Kitchen - Tightspot (from Split Personality, 1985)
[mp3] Neon - Victims of Fact (Unreleased, 1981)
[mp3] Thomas Lang - The Happy Man (from Scallywag Jaz, 1987)
[mp3] It's Immaterial - Ed's Funky Diner (from Life's Hard And Then You Die, 1986)
[mp3] Phil Carmen - Moonshine Still (from Wise Monkeys, 1986)

1 comment:

haywire said...

ah,one of the highlights of my Hump Day, as well as one of my favorite regular features of your blog (along with "Turn Back The Clock" and your Link-O-Rama recommendations, of course. I'm familiar with some of these tunes, but never all, which makes this a real treat. Keep these coming, Fifty, and as always, thanks you for everything.