Sunday, October 14, 2007

Strawberry Switchblade - Porcelain and Polka Dots

To start with, let me point you in the direction of the best Strawberry Switchblade website.

For one-hit wonders, the duo have always had a strong cult following, and their signature tune "Since Yesterday" was recently featured on the soundtrack of This Is England. They only released one album but there have also been plenty of sessions, demos, remixes and B-Sides to keep the collectors happy. And what 16 year old didn't have a crush on either Jill or Rose for about 5 minutes back in 1985?

The title of today's post is partly derived from a picture I found on the net while doing a google search for polka dots. Looks familiar, no?

Strawberry Switchblade - Porcelain And Polka Dots
  1. Who Knows What Love Is? (Extended Mix)
  2. Beautiful End
  3. By The Sea
  4. Sunday Morning
  5. Trees And Flowers (original 7" version)
  6. Let Her Go (Kitchensynch Mix Up)
  7. Go Away (Peel Session)
  8. Ecstacy (Apple Of My Eye)
  9. Since Yesterday (Scott's Remix)
  10. Jolene (Extended Mix)
  11. Poor Hearts (Robin Millar version)
  12. Don't Fear The Reaper (Demo)
  13. Crystal Days (Demo)
  14. Who Knows What Love Is? (David Motion version)
I've been careful not to include anything that got onto the excellent Platinum Collection release by Warners that combines the complete Strawberry Switchblade album with several B-Sides and the extended mix of "Trees And Flowers". If you live in Britain, you can buy the CD from for less than four pounds, and elsewhere it is available from Amazon [Update: Now out of print, the compilation will cost you $29 in the USA] or stores like The Ideal Copy for under $10. So there's no excuse for not owning that one.

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