Friday, November 23, 2007

CD Review: Hard-Fi - Once Upon A Time In The West

I discovered Hard-Fi early last year thanks to the storming single "Cash Machine" which was belatedly released hear in the US. Already recognized as an Album of the Year in 2005, I got hold of the debut CD Stars of CCTV as soon as it was released here. Fast forward to 2007, and fortunately the new album Once Upon A Time In The West is available simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic.

Good thing too, as Richard Archer and the boys have delivered another cruncher of an album, from the precocious swagger of "Suburban Knights" (the first single) to the retro flavored "Television" and "We Need Love". Custom designed for in-car listening (you can almost hear the throttle of engines and slamming car doors as you listen), the album is a direct descendant from the in-your-face and mad-at-England-isms of The Jam, Oasis and The Clash. Not bad at all.

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