Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thank You For The Music

Today is Thanksgiving here in the U.S. of A., and it's a tradition for our family to describe some of the things we are each thankful for before dinner. Naturally, some measure of discretion is appropriate. A few options:
  1. My family, obviously. Especially the Rock Star. And this one. And this one. And this one. Jeez, what would we do without MySpace?Er, communicate?
  2. My job. It's cool.
  3. Diet Dr Pepper
  4. The New Wave Outpost
  5. Not watching the England match yesterday. Or anytime in the last 18 months.
  6. Ernest Borgnine (I'm watching Escape From New York right now).
  7. Jelly Babies
  8. Blogging
More than these, I'd like to go off on a mini-rant about my love of music and my gratitude to the music makers. So here goes.

I bought my first CD back in 1988. It was Brotherhood, by New Order, and cost GBP 8.69. Thats about $17.00, almost 20 years ago. So to people who say that music is overpriced, I say "phooey"! Name one other thing that is cheaper now in real dollars than 20 years ago. A loaf of bread? A house? A pair of sneakers? Buying a CD today is cheaper in many cases than going to the movies, treating the kids to a Big Mac or getting a haircut. Apart from books, what else can give pleasure for so many years and cost less than three cups of coffee at Starbucks?

My point is this, anyone who defends file-sharing or copying CD's based on the expense involved of buying the music is seriously deluded. I've mentioned before that I have a Rhapsody account and I buy new releases on a regular basis. Music that I choose to share on this blog is always with the intention of presenting the artists to a wider audience and in most cases involves albums or singles that are out of print and commercially unavailable. Occasionally, this "lost" music becomes available in one form or another.

Most of the artists I write about did not enjoy worldwide commercial success or acclaim. Many were victims or bad management, indifferent marketing or a lack of record company support. Too many simply never got the chance to be heard by the punters. Here are some ways in which you can acquire some great music and support these deserving artists at the same time.

Buy Sophie and Peter Johnston's new CD available from their website.

Buy Clark Datchler's new CD, available from his website or at Amazon.

Download the Faith Brothers catalog at Billy Franks' website, and go to his Shepherd's Bush gig if you have the opportunity.

Check out the 1000 Mexicans website, and download a Best Of collection here.

Buy Nik Kershaw's terrific album "You've Got To Laugh" from his website. His entire discography is also available from iTunes.

Check out the awesome compilations in the Retro-Active series, available at Hi-Bias.

You get the message. Musicians need your support. And thanks.

Rant over.

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