Thursday, January 15, 2009

Faith Brothers - Eventide (1985)

I was looking around on the internet for details on a couple of 7" singles I found on soulseek a few years ago. Although I had never heard of the band before, I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did they release two albums and a clutch of highly regarded singles, but that vocalist and chief songwriter Billy Franks had very kindly made almost all of the Faith Brothers back catalogue available for download at his website at no charge (donations are encouraged). It's very refreshing to find artists who actively encourage people to discover long lost music without any of the problems of format, distribution rights and band squabbling.
[UPDATE: The links were removed from Billy's website. As he is possibly the nicest man in the pop music world I will remove my link if he should ask. About time for a re-release, I reckon!]

Faith Brothers - Eventide (1985)
  1. Eventide
  2. Sunday
  3. Whistling In The Dark
  4. The tradesman's Entrance
  5. Storyteller
  6. A Daydreamer's Philosophy
  7. Easter Parade
  8. Dust In The Soul
  9. Victoria Green
  10. Secret Heart
  11. The Sleepwalker
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Comprehensive discography of the band here


Brent .S said...

Very cool post, I used to play "Country Of The Blind" religiously on my nice to see Billy Franks making music!..thanks dude!

Anonymous said...

Check out


Anonymous said...

the link is not working anymore, can you please repost it again,,,,,thanks

Bruno said...

Is there any chance that you can "re-post" he zip file? I've been looking for this album for a long long time...


Gavin said...

The Faith Brothers...what a great bunch of blokes. In 1985 , a few friends and I traveled from Ashford, Kent to London to see the FBs perform near Fulham Court. We couldn't find the venue, met a young lady washing her car on a housing estate who turns out to be Billy Franks' girlfriend! She calls into the house and out pops Billy. He tells us the gig has been cancelled, but feels bad and so takes us to the local youth club where we meet the rest of the band and play Bar Football (Fusball) for the afternoon! Top blokes. Great album.

Clive Parrott said...

I bought this album while assistant manager at NSS Newsagents in Notting Hill Gate. I lived in Earls Court and Eventide was getting played on the radio quite a lot. I have been searching for the album for ages! I now live in Manchester and it seems oh so long ago now!

Stuart said...

You are a star, sir, and I echo your comment about making donations.


Anonymous said...

I am trying, again, the make the Faith Brothers catalogue available for download and will post a note here when done.
As a side note, this summer makes it 25 years since lee and I formed the band and am hoping we can use the Shepherds Bush Empire on June 6th this year, gig as a celebration. We will be playing a lot of songs from both Eventide and A Human Sound and hope to get one or two ex-members to make appearances.
Should be some night.
Billy Franks

Miranda said...

I don't expect you'll post this- but I've just met Billy Franks at a gig he compered at the Troubadour.

Something must have changed since you met him if you thought he was nice.

He was incredibly rude to me and my friends, and really lecherous in a slightly aggressive way. I only hope he was drunk or something, because if he's like that all the time...!!

Anonymous said...

As this is the third post on a variety of sites recounting my supposedly bad behaviour at last Wednesday's singer/songwriter night at The Troubadour, I can only assume someone is deliberately trying to cause a little trouble for me. To be honest, sometimes my rather dark sense of humour is not to everyone's taste and I accept it as a consequence that some people will read it as rude.
Having said that though, it is the first time in 3 years ot compereing at The Troub that anyone has taking offence.
As I don't recall metting the person responsible for the above post, it is difficult to respond to some of her comments with my own recollection. Suffice to say, anyone who would trawl the web in search of places to leave spiteful comments about me would probably only reveal more about themselves.

Anonymous said...

The whole back cat of the Faith Brothers albums, EP's and singles are now available on ITunes and other digital download sites!

This is great news and of course really welcome on this website.

It's a shame that someone has taken offense to Billy's sense of humour as I have known him for several years and know he would never be rude to anyone, let alone lecherous which is hugely offensive!

The guy is a teddy bear, he has a huge and underated talent, it's a shame that someone has slagged him off here, it is not at all a reflection of the Billy Franks I know, he always treats everyone with respect, poverty to royalty.


Barry said...

Saw the Faith Brothers at The Marquee in 1985/86 and I never looked back. What a group!! What a live performance!! Thanks for the memories - the music lives on..

Anonymous said...

Just like to say, it is great to hear the Faith Brothers name resurrected.I had never heard of them until I went to Hammersmith Palais in 85 to see the last date on the Boomtown Rats "In the long grass" tour. The Faith Brothers were the support act and i was so impressed, I bought Eventide as soon as it was released.I also harrassed several of my friends until they listened and bought it.
Easter Parade is still one of the best anti-war songs ever written. Thanks to Billy and the rest of the band for some awesome music.


Billy Franks said...

Interestingly, I always preferred the second album, A Human Sound, but recently I have been listening to Eventide and, even though it is almost 30 years old, it still comes across as passionate and honest. Thank you, Adrian, for the comment regarding Easter Parade. In fact, thanks to all of you who posted here. It is nice to be reminded that The Faith Brothers did find their way into some peoples hearts & minds.
Best wishes,