Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rumblefish - Mexico (1992)

I've decided that Wednesday is a good day for posting a favorite song from my archives. Sometimes, in all the excitement of tracking down rare and forgotten music, it's easy to forget that everyone has their own soundtrack, and certain songs resonate much more with us as individuals. So, each week, I'll strive to feature either a long time favorite, treasured memory or, as in this case, just a great song I heard only a few days ago.

Rumblefish - Mexico

I first heard of Rumblefish thanks to their excellent 1987 single "Tug-Boat Line" which I found last year at Sideroom Singles. Finding their major label debut wasn't difficult, as it is readily available on eBay or Amazon. It just sat in a pile though, weighed down by lots of other new music I bought last year, before I finally dug it out. Frankly, I had heard (or imagined perhaps) that the switch to a major had diluted the material, so I'm not sure what I was expecting. After a passable opening track, I heard the second "Mexico", and was blown away. Just a fantastic pop song. Great stuff. Two days later and I've managed to get to track six, but I'm wearing out the repeat button already.

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jeff said...

You just seriously made my day. I used to have this album years ago, and loved this song... I haven't been able to find the album, or even this song ANYWHERE. Thank you so much!