Wednesday, November 14, 2007


A few people have had problems opening recent archive files. Archive files that I upload may or may not have password protection. If a password is requested, use mineforlife - it's a way of making sure I get credit for links posted on other sites.

I mentioned a long time ago that I would occasionally feature 'easter eggs' on my site. These are hidden links, usually to image files. I'm always coming across "interesting" things when I'm googling a topic - most of these things have no direct relationship to the topic I'm posting about. There's an example in this post. Call me smarty-pants. Or sexist. Guilty as charged!

On with the links, already! I've mentioned Funky Green Tabs before. You can find extended mixes from Yello, Anne Clark, Blancmange, The Assembly and others.

Not sure if anyone's into Italo-Disco, but when the CD covers are as good as these, who wouldn't be?

Brent continues to post a treasure trove of material at Brave New Waves, which has now gone private. I'll help him out by mentioning that he has posted mixes from Blue Aeroplanes, November Group, Julian Cope and The Fountainhead recently. If you want to be added to his fan club, let me know and I'll pass it on.

A recent find is the Vinyl Villain where you can find postings on many different artists. The music links are removed quite quickly so it's worth keeping up with.

Also props to Miss Parker at Rave And Roll, who appears to like Gary Numan just a bit. She also has other treasures like Hitlist, Fiction Factory and, er, Eric Clapton.

If you liked the Camera Obscura track I posted earlier (no relation to the twee pop indie darlings) then by all means check out the website, They finally have an LP out but only available on vinyl!

I seem to mention Saltyka at every opportunity. Comprehensive isn't the word. Complete nutter might be.

I've now got a backlog of albums to post and several new CD's to review. Let me know if you have any preferences. (No, not those preferences, thank you very much).

Albums to feature or post from: Furniture, Phil Thornalley, The Fat Lady Sings, Minor Detail, Milltown Brothers, Martin Page, Eg and Alice, Fake, Bill Sharpe, The Jeremy Days, Toni Childs, Love Club, Hard-Fi, the list keeps growing...


Miss Parker said...

Setting the record straight - the Eric Clapton selection was a "guilty pleasure" - lol. Seriously, thanks for the props. Both you and Gary Numan *rock*! :-)

Tracklister said...

Thanks for adding me to your links list. I hope you don't mind if i do the same in return.