Monday, November 19, 2007

Tied To The 90's - Part 1

In the first of an occasional series, here are ten great (but relatively unknown) singles from the early 90's.

The Fat Lady Sings - Drunkard Logic
from the album John Son (1993)

Milltown Brothers - Which Way Should I Jump?
from the album Slinky (1991)

Dubh Chapter - Touch And Go
from the album Silence, Cunning & Exile (1990)

The Beloved - You've Got Me Thinking
from the album Conscience (1993)

Robert Plant - 29 Palms
from the album Fate Of Nations (1993)

Deacon Blue - Your Town
from the album Whatever You Say, Say Nothing (1993)

Into Paradise - Angel
from the album Churchtown (1991)

Eg And Alice - Indian
from the album 24 Years Of Hunger (1991)

J.J. - Slide Away
from the album Intro (1991)

Marillion - Cover My Eyes (Pain And Heaven)
from the album Holidays In Eden (1991)


G Magill said...

I loved that Dubh Chapter single -mine had a scratch on the extended version mix of "Touch And Go" which was bloody annoying - do you have their album from 1990? - I never got it.

JJ were another band I quite liked.
Fat Lady Sings were awesome and as for Into Paradise - everyone should have their stuff - great selection of tunes there!!

Phil said...

Thanks for the Eg and Alice track. I've been searching high and low for that one.

Miss Parker said...

Touch and Go - what a beautiful, haunting melody/ it! Thank you for introducing me to this band.

Anonymous said...

I can't find this song... after 15 years searching...
Somebody can help me?
My e-mail is
From Barcelona, thanks!!

fiftypercent said...

Telling us which song might help.