Thursday, January 24, 2008

Everything's Gone Green

Isn't this a great ad? Something about that reddish hair and green blouse I find appealing, in a subconscious-Ireland tribute kind of way.

My posts are a bit rambling, sometimes. There's a reason why I considered calling my blog British Or Gay?

In unrelated news, I was excited to see that Matt Costa released a new album Unfamiliar Faces this week. Of course, being British, my excitement was along the lines of "oh, jolly good, now where did I put my pipe" and not "let me scream for ten minutes, hug everybody, cry, wet myself, and plan my autobiography", which you can witness on US reality TV every night of the week.

Matt's last effort, Songs We Sing, was one of my favorite records of 2006, not to mention also my favorite album cover of that year. If you're looking for warm vocals, delicate acoustics and a great, chilled-out vibe, then he's your man. Here's the video for the first single from the new album, Mr. Pitiful. It's quite inventive.

Yes, green does appear to be my favorite color, or even my favourite colour. Which is why I also like this album cover and this one and, probably, Kermit The Frog.

Milltown Brothers - Apple Green
Faith Brothers - Victoria Green
New Order - Everything's Gone Green

Did I mention that I have green eyes?

Coldplay - Green Eyes


Miss Parker said...

Green eyes, eh? Did you notice the photo of the green eyes in the Dubh Chapter montage? Hmmmm.....

Davy H said...

Milltown Brothers! Goodness, I haven't heard that in years. And yet can you believe that two weeks ago I saw their album on CD in a charity shop along the road from me and Did Not Buy It? That was silly wasn't it?

fiftypercent said...

Might have to do another post on the old Milltown Boys. Good stuff indeed.