Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Indian Givers - Love Is A Lie (1989)

Watch out for hard-to-find, deleted, out of print or critically ignored compact discs released in the last 20 years...

The Indian Givers - Love Is A Lie (1989)
  1. Hatcheck Girl
  2. Fake I.D.
  3. Unthinking You
  4. Under The Rose
  5. Head Happy
  6. Some Kind Of Mover
  7. It's A Wonderful Life
  8. Love Come Down
  9. Not My Line
  10. Caprice
  11. Love Is A Lie
  12. Never Too Late

Nigel Sleaford
Avril Jamieson
Simon Frazer

[Link updated January 2014]


Miss Parker said...

Another great find - another angelic voice. Thanks so much for this.

Anonymous said...

fantastic stuff, cheers

Anonymous said...

i bought this too when it came out, did they do anything after this ?


Anonymous said...

Rare Indian Giver LP found on Myspace. 10 fantastic tracks better than the first album

Joel said...

The link seems to be broken.
Would it be possible to get a new link for this record? A Massive Thanks in advance


calle said...

Really, 10 unreleased tracks for some kind of unreleased follow up album or what ? Please post here again if you can post some kind of link,my space is down now