Thursday, March 6, 2008

Even More Dubh Chapter

I noticed that a few people took a liking to the Irish band Dubh Chapter after I posted lead single "Touch & Go" and then the album "Silence, Cunning & Exile". (By the way I think the band should have been called The Ampersands).

I dug around and found the two singles they released back in 1990, which feature extra tracks and mixes not included on the album. I've collected them here for your listening pleasure, blogmates!

Dubh Chapter - &

  1. Happy Is The Bride (Extended Mix)
  2. Who Decides
  3. Happy Is The Bride
  4. Pain (Is A Warning)
  5. Touch & Go (7" Edit)
  6. Sleep & Be Thankful
  7. Hibiscus Town
  8. Touch & Go (Album Version)


Miss Parker said...

I woke up bleary-eyed and thinking it was going to be a blah day (raining outside, Thursday instead of Friday...)

Then you went and ruined my bad mood. I can't wait to listen to this. Thank you *so* much!

paulr said...


Love your blog

Could you please put slow motion kisses by furniture on your random wednesday selection

Thanks again for sharing your wonderful musical tastes with us

Anonymous said...

Hi. If at all possible could this be reuploaded? I found you via google search after looking this ep after seeing it in brit pop releases via discog:

Anonymous said...

Reposted please,please.Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Repost please?