Friday, March 7, 2008

Kiss This!

By request...

Furniture - Slow Motion Kisses
(from Food, Sex And Paranoia, 1989)

And since we're on the subject...

Bonk - The Smile & The Kiss
(7" Single, 1982)

The Brilliant Corners - With A Kiss
(from Somebody Up There Likes Me, 1988)

The Beloved - A Kiss Goodbye
(from Where It's At, 1987)


Mikeyten said...

Hi there Fiftypercent,just to let you know the Bonk link is not working,cheers Mikeyten.

fiftypercent said...

Thanks Mikey, I've fixed it now. Apparently Fileden doesn't like "&" in a file name.

Anonymous said...

A perfect compilation of songs.

Simon said...

Bonk! Oh my god!! I loved that tune; I had it on 7"; it's probably the only tune from my (now lost) vinyl collection that I don't have digitally.

That's some good stuff!

Mikeyten said...

Thanx for the fix,i´ve not heard this before a bit Wham in places,cheers Mikeyten

HaLo said...

love the site..keep up the good work..sites like this and others i visit have inspired me to start my own.....coming soon.....i have a request..please dont am looking for a copy of mike batts Zero Zero album...i brought it on tape (remember them) when it came out and loved it but over the years and moves it has got lost...can you help