Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Random 80's Wednesday

Darkroom-C - What Do I believe? (7" Single, 19??)
One To One - Angel In My Pocket (from Forward Your Emotions, 1985)
Dekka Danse - I Can't Believe It (from Waltz In The Wilderness, 1984)
Isle of Man - Am I Forgiven? (from Selections From The Isle EP, 1986)
William Pitt - Such A Lonely Night (12" Single, 1990)

A couple of these tracks were posted at Obscure 80's Central, a forum at the New Wave Outpost. A good place to post requests and stuff you like. The Dekka Danse track has been stuck in my head all week. It's like glue. I'm still trying to find the album, if anyone has it. I don't remember where Isle of Man came from, except that someone mentioned it was very rare. Good stuff, too. William Pitt release three singles in Europe. The last one was "Such A Lonely Night" which was actually released in 1990 - but it's got the 80's written all over it, so I don't care.

In celebration of St Paddy's Day, all my posts next week will have an Irish flavor. Potatoes, perhaps.

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