Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let Me Have Your Requests!

Blogging has been a bit sporadic lately, mainly due to my workload (and procrastination, if the truth is told). I could go ahead and post whole lists of albums with no narrative or concept, but that's just not my style. In fact, I'm thinking of ways to go in the other direction and provide more of a narrative cum autobiographical style (a bit like my mate Davy at The Ghost of Electricity). Based on my stats, it does look like the "Random 80's" thing is quite popular, so I'm proud of that. As I've mentioned before it's kind of a tribute to Torchomatic, Scott at Nerosoft and Mike at the New Wave Outpost who all used to post a weekly grab-bag a few years ago that I always enjoyed waiting for.

In the meantime, I'm flattered by a lot of positive comments from people who mention they have been looking for a certain song or album for a while. I've been collecting music both in digital and 'real' form for a few years now so if you have a particular request, please let me know.


Darren said...

A request?

For me, the holy grail of all lost eighties classics is Flesh's 'You Can't Help (Sentimental Sunday)'.

I had it originally on a cassette of the Letter To Brezhnev soundtrack. Never been able to find it since.

Help me Ben Kenobi.

Miss Parker said...

The music is always awesome and I can't wait to see what others request.

Mine is not so directly music-related. I miss your "Link-O-Rama" feature and look forward to more of that. That was how I found your blog initially...because you featured a link to my blog and I noticed people surfing in from here. :-)

Thanks for all that you do. I suspect that people who don't actually do it don't realize how time-consuming maintaining a music blog is. Cheers!

HaLo said...

love the site..keep up the good work..sites like this and others i visit have inspired me to start my own.....coming soon.....i have a request..please dont am looking for a copy of mike batts Zero Zero album...i brought it on tape (remember them) when it came out and loved it but over the years and moves it has got lost...can you help



fiftypercent said...

I have the Mike Batt album. I will post it later today or tomorrow.

HaLo said...

thanks alot fiftypercent...made my day that has :)

Too Old For Bold said...

Hmmm...if you like a bit of a challenge, how about these two:

Strange Cruise - Rebel Blue Rocker (Rebel Mix) (5:51)

Feargal Sharkey - Listen To Your Father (12" Extended Mix)

The singles are easy to find......the 12-inchers? Not so easy.

Let the search begin! :)