Friday, April 11, 2008

Exciting News, Everyone

Couple of exciting new developments, folks. First, I'm very proud to announce that my soul-brother (and real brother too) Ed will be visiting me from the UK for the next couple of weeks. Aside from joining me for some music concerts and record store dredging, Ed will also be guest blogging on MFL on stuff he's been listening to lately and, hey, anything else he wants to say.

I'm also starting a new music blog called Left A Bit this weekend. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (not to mention also the laziest) so I'm going to shamelessly crib from mikeyten's fantastic It Should Have Been A Hit site. The idea is to go ahead and post a lot of music that has caught my ear in the last few years that does not necessarily fit into the 80's alternative genre, or that may be still in print, one track at a time. There won't be much narrative, just some artwork and links. Thanks again, mikey for the inspiration! Hope you all find something you enjoy!


Anonymous said...

por favor re up
Faith brothers eps

Miss Parker said...

All the best with both adventures - your visit and new blog. :-)

Mikeyten said...

Hey, I look forward to your new site, i´m sure it will be as good as Mine For Life,all the best,Mikeyten.