Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some Requests

Here are some requests:

Neon - Victims of Fact
Sal Solo - Music & You (Long Version)
Sal Solo - San Damiano (Extended Mix)

And this one has been in my head all week:

The Bravery - Bad Sun


onlyu said...

u da man!!! u da bomb!!!

Miss Parker said...

Thanks again for bringing us little-known, yet timeless music.

I have a request, please. Would you happen to have the following by Malcolm Burn (formerly with Boys Brigade):
Walk Don't Run
Humans Can Talk

Have a lovely day. :-)

David P said...

The Sal Solo songs are absolutely and truly excellent. However when I downloaded nad played Music & You (my absolute favourite Sal Solo track) I found that it skipped a bit or is it my imagination. Anyway great post and now for the album ?

Thanks alot for reminding me what it was like to be living in the UK in the 80's.

arnoldtan said...

hi, i have a request do you have the following:

NAIVE - fish?

translator - translator

railway children - over and over remix singles.....