Monday, June 23, 2008

Karel Fialka - Human Animal (1988)

Watch out for out of print, critically ignored and shamefully obscure albums released in the last thirty years...

By request for Mikeyten

Karel Fialka - Human Animal (1988)
  1. Sun In My Eyes
  2. Hey Matthew
  3. You Be The Judge
  4. Ready For It Now
  5. Undercurrents
  6. This City
  7. The Eyes Have It
  8. Eat, Drink, Dance, Relax
  9. Human Animal
  10. L'etoile D'or
  11. Eat, Drink, Dance, Relax Too
  12. The Eyes Have It II
  13. Undercurrents (Liquid Mix)
  14. Hey Matthew (Extended Mix)
  15. Eat, Drink, Dance, Relax (Shimmering Waitress Mix)
  16. You Be The Judge (Bitter End Mix)
  17. You Be The Judge (Lean Burn Demo)
  18. The Things I Saw

Wikipedia Entry

Karel has inspired some interesting art - here and here


Suzy Andrews said...

i Fiftypercent,
thanx for this album,i´m downloading as I type.I have always loved Paul Roberts artwork.You know he´s Sniff N´Tears front man.They always featired his work on their Sleeves.Thanx again Mikeyten.

Kuku muniu said...

Hi,do you have it in 320kb?I don't how download :(

Felipe said...

Hello there, hope you're doing great.
Could you please repost the album Human Animal by Karel Fialka?
I really appreciate your help

mineforlife said...

I've reupped the album, I was surprised to see it's not on Spotify. Some great tracks. I also added some extended mixes and a B Side. Would be nice to see a proper reissue of this one day.