Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Ever hear of the band Modern Eon? Apparently, if you want a new-wave blog these days, you have to mention them. For example (deep breath) Music...Isms mentioned them in some detail last year during an ongoing tribute to the Liverpool post-punk scene.
The curiously named Sheerinertia's Engine also featured the band's LP Fiction Tales, and the links are still active.
More recently, Systems of Romance also featured the LP and a short biography. Mention is also made at Scratchy Buckles, and in April Raiding The Vinyl Archive also highlighted the single "Euthenics", the first time I came across the group. Had enough yet? No? Back in 2006 Island Monkey dramatically called the Modern Eon LP "the greatest album ever made" during a likeable review. Not to be outdone, a perennial favorite of mine, Rho-Xs, also said "Fiction Tales is one of the greatest albums ever made in my opinion" and his download is in the ogg-vorbis format.Little Hits featured the song "Child's Play" a couple of years ago, and my good friend Mikey at It Should Have Been A Hit also featured "Euthenics" just last month. There's also a quality fan tribute page here. Needless to say, I won't be mentioning them at all - not even a peep - at least for a while.


Steve said...

Greatest album of all time? No. One of the best UK new wave/postpunk albums that almost no one seems to know about? Absolutely. As far as I know, it's still never been released on CD, so the bloggers posting it are doing a great service.

John Daly said...

I bought their album on copyCD transfered by some person, and I got a free live, exted, versions & releases CD, (On Ebay, years ago) I really love this band, I had their LP and some Singles, but to have it on CD is me for a copy