Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Terry Hoax - Freedom Circus (1992)

Watch out for hard-to-find, deleted, out of print or critically ignored compact discs released in the last 20 years...

I don't know anything about this band, except they are German (I think) and only had hits in their native country. I really like their cover of "Policy of Truth".

Terry Hoax - Freedom Circus (1992)
  1. Freedom Circus
  2. Insanity
  3. Sick
  4. From Love To Hate And Back
  5. Live All
  6. Hot Heyday
  7. Touch The Sky
  8. When Love's Gone
  9. Goodbye
  10. Someone Somewhere
  11. Another Face
  12. Policy of Truth
  13. Fish Named Napoleon
[UPDATE] October 2013 - links have been re-upped by request. I was fortunate to find a physical copy of the CD in Baltimore earlier this year.
Download Part 1
Download Part 2

Oliver Perau - Vocals
Marcus Wichary - Guitar; Backing Vocals
Hachy M. Hachmeister - Drums; Percussion
Martin Wichary - Guitar; Backing Vocals
Armin Treptau - Bass


alex gehrke said...

Just stumbled into this post > I can confirm that they are from Germany, to be more precise: from my home town Hannover.
freedom circus was there debut - followed by splinterproof. after they split, they reunited last year. Great band-lots of good memories connected to their songs. phew.
lots of good memories.

assy said...

Take a look at:

Anonymous said...

This is a cult Album. I've had it. Someone stole it and I was looking for it ever since. BIG THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Could you load it once againg please?
I have listened it long time ago, and for me it's awesome. However I couldn't find it anywhere.

I would be grateful.

Anonymous said...

please re-up!!!