Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Random 80's Wednesday - Album Tracks Special

This week, I have opted for lesser-known album tracks by well known acts.

New Order - Mr. Disco (from Technique, 1989)
Howard Jones - Why Look For The Key (from Dream Into Action, 1985)
Ultravox - We Stand Alone (from Rage In Eden, 1981)
Thompson Twins - Love Is The Law (from Here's To Future Days, 1985)
The Cure - The Holy Hour (from Faith, 1981)


Jenny said...

Me again! I finally did get back on our friends site "Schizophrenicdance80's", and I'm trying unRAR one of the older files I d/l from him, and of course it wants a password and I've scoured the Web and tried all the combinations I could think of to open the file, but I can't. You wouldn't happen to know the old password he used for his RAR files, do you?

Thank you!

fiftypercent said...

Hi Jenny

What was the file?

Jenny said...

psyche.rar - It was the "Unveiling the Secrets" rar file...I have a few others too, that I assume were from there. I'm bad that way...I'll grab an album, not jot down the password, then 4 weeks later try and open it...then I have to dig around to see where I got it from to try the password!

Thank you!! :)

Miss Parker said...

These are fabulous examples of great music that would otherwise pass most of us by. Thank you.