Monday, July 27, 2009

Sons Of Heroes - Sons Of Heroes (1983)


In which we imagine a world where the compact disc was introduced in 1980, and now-obscure artists and albums could be preserved for posterity...

Produced by Bill Wyman, Sons Of Heroes consisted of Terry Taylor (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Geoff Grange (vocals, harmonica), and Carmelo Luggeri (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards). Far from new-wave fledglings, Terry Taylor had previously had a long association, nearly replacing Mick Taylor in the Rolling Stones and going on to perform with The Arrows in the 1970's. Terry went on to work with Bill Wyman in The Rhythm Kings after the short-lived Sons Of Heroes project. Additionally, the three musicians also later released a 1986 single called "Keep Your Distance" under the band name Rome.

Sons Of Heroes - Sons Of Heroes (1983)

  1. Living Outside Your Love
  2. Lost In Wonderland
  3. Don't Make It So Hard
  4. Love Insight
  5. Hot Kiss
  6. Strange Eyes
  7. Dream Machine
  8. Start of the Human Race
  9. Stretched
  10. All Broke Up

Kiki Dee provided backing vocals, and in fact every track from the album can be individually downloaded (in low resolution) from a Kiki Dee website here.


Brian said...

I have this LP somewhere. I loved it when I was 15 - I'm sure that I'd be embarrassed if I heard it now.

djjack7007 said...

I've been looking for this, can you please re-upload. Thanks in advance.

fraleysr said...

great album, listen to it now, wonder if Plant heard this album before he done some of his solo stuff, cause i can hear bits in it.

Anonymous said...

Can you re-up?