Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Roaring Boys - Roaring Boys (1985)


"The specter of Roxy Music haunts "House of Stone," the most well-crafted song on Roaring Boys' self-titled debut album; unfortunately, the rest of the LP is a ghost town. With its bed of lush synthesizers, soothing horns, and romantic vocals, "House of Stone" could have been an apt sequel to Roxy Music's "Avalon." However, "House of Stone" is a burst of inspiration that must have left the band creatively drained, or perhaps they were rushed into the recording studio before they were able to compose equally memorable songs. Roaring Boys is an album without structure; the group keeps shifting gears, infatuated with the stylish new romantic pop of Roxy Music and Icehouse on some tracks and then trying to woo rock radio on others. "Wilder for You" and "Call the Tune" sound like generic mainstream rock from their unimaginative titles alone, while "Easier Said Than Done" is a weak attempt at a Joe Jackson knockoff. On the other hand, "Strange Girl" and "Persuasion" actually resemble the band that sang "House of Stone." On "Persuasion," vocalist Paul Mitchell sings beautifully over a piano without any hard rock guitars or studio slickness. The subtle arrangement suits him and the group. Roaring Boys are at their best when they're not trying to roar." (All Music Guide)

Roaring Boys - Roaring Boys (1985)
  1. Every Second of the Day
  2. House of Stone
  3. Easier Said Than Done
  4. Strange Girl
  5. Dancing In Your Sleep
  6. How
  7. All The Time In The World
  8. Wilder For You
  9. Again and Again
  10. Persuasion
  11. Call The Tune

Paul Mitchell
Chris Jones
Stefan Osadzinski
Tim May
Neill MacColl
Dave Larcombe


McDoC said...

Hi Fifty, I've just listened to it and aside from "House of Stone", I also like "Every Second of the Day"; "All the Time in the World"; and "Again and Again". THANKS for considering my request! CHEERS!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG...I *love* House of Stone and have wished I could hear more from this group - thank you McDoc for requesting it and *thank you* fifty for providing it - can't wait to get home and download.


Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing this band..

Mikeyten said...

Hi thanx for this album I did not know this band and I´m enjoying it , House Of Stone as McDoc said is a great track as is the single Strange Girl.
Thankyou again Mikeyten

22ndWave said...

Hey, I'm currently scouring the web for a lost track by these guys. The B-side to the single version of 'House Of Stone' called 'Walk Away'. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY seems to have it in MP3 format anywhere. Don't suppose you have it available to rip??? I'd be hugely grateful : D

mike kemps said...

Thank you, fifty, for sharing. Glad to learn about them. Keep up good work. My compliments on your creative and interesting blog.

Joel Goodsen said...

Your blog is on the top.. Thank you eighties times for this post, here is a rare gem! The link is broken, could you fix it please?

conex said...

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conex said...

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Anonymous said...

Please fix the broken link, this album is a gem

mineforlife said...

The link has been updated. Thanks for requesting.