Thursday, August 14, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different

I'm such a compact disc whore. A few days ago I bought a bunch of dollar CD's, including two double CD promo packs, which I only got because I needed some new double CD cases and it was actually cheaper than buying an empty case. This one set was called Kill Your Radio and has 44 tracks of varying quality in a multitude of genres produced by Erika Records in conjunction with OC Weekly, some kind of California cultural newspaper-slash-website, back in 2002. Preparing to throw the inserts and the discs in the bin, I gave them a brief spin in the car first and discovered to my surprise that a few were actually quite decent, particularly if you like power pop in the vein of The Primitives or Fountains of Wayne. Unsurprisingly, however, I don't think any of them have taken iTunes by storm. See what you think of these:

Sideswipe - Crucify Me
Scarlet Crush - Tune In, Fade Out
Kerry Getz - Little Victory (my favorite, I think)
Goldenboy - Sing Another Song For the Winterlong
Walter Clevenger & The Dairy Kings - Radio Sea
Halo Friendlies - I'm All Eyes (my second favorite)
The Von Steins - Cosmic

**Up next: salvaging the best of Uncle Gonzalez and the Polka Accordion Mafia Play the Hits of Kenny Chesney - am I good to you guys or what?

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