Thursday, August 14, 2008

Justice For Kirsty

Watching the video for Billy Bragg's video to "Sexuality" last month was a poignant affair, featuring as it did the irrepressible Kirsty MacColl on backing vocals and all-round delightfulness. Then, the latest issue of Q had a large feature on her famous duet with the Pogues which was also quite touching. I decided to feature a minor hit single on Random 80's this week and then discovered that, eight years after her death, Kirsty's family is still trying to obtain justice or at least a satisfactory explanation as to the circumstances of the tragic speedboat accident that claimed her life. [UPDATE: The campaign closed at the end of 2009.] The whole affair is so terribly sad. Kirsty was one of the first pop stars I fell in love with, thanks to the single cover of "A New England". She is one of those artists that have released so many great albums and singles, but never really got all the recognition she deserved.

You can find more details at (The campaign has now closed.)

Here's a few Kirsty-related bits 'n' bobs.

The official website, an obvious starting point.

Kirsty's mum has written a book about her life and death, Sun On The Water, available at Amazon.

There's an impressive three-disc Anthology From Croydon To Cuba, also available at Amazon.

Here's the video for "Innocence", which I had never seen before.

And on Top Of The Pops performing "Days":

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DaViDz said...

Thank you for doing a post of Kirsty. I've been a fan of hers ever since They Don't Know and I feel she was (and is) criminally underappreciated. When I read she died (in an obituary in the Los Angeles Times), I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. I still feel the tragedy of her needless death and of the fact that there will be no more new music from her. A horrendous loss. I had never seen the "Innocence" video, so that was a treat.
Thank you again.