Sunday, August 3, 2008

Classic Track: Bizarre Love Triangle

It's been about 20 years (give or take) since I fell in love with New Order courtesy of the fantastic Shep Pettibone remix of "Bizarre Love Triangle" as included on the Substance compilation.

Seeing as I heard the same track on a rerun of Cold Case today, it seems like a good time to revisit and celebrate a musical masterpiece.

New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (Shep Pettibone Remix)

A true modern classic, I knew it had been covered by Frente! and Stabbing Westward with some success, and then discovered several other cover versions that run the gamut from industrial-techno to piano ballad, to whimsical acoustic readings. There have also been a slew of remixes, some by New Order themselves. Here are just a few:

Gravity Jones - Bizarre Love Triangle

New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (Crystal Method Remix)
Devine & Statton - Bizarre Love Triangle
Charlotte Martin - Bizarre Love Triangle
Stabbing Westward - Bizarre Love Triangle
New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle '94


Kippers said...

Spooky - I was just watching the Frente version of BLT on YouTube last night.

sintetica said...

Que buenas canciones, Mil Gracias mi amigo

shocked said...

hi there,
thakk you so much for putting stabbing westward bizare love triangle..
im looking for it for about 2 days
and finally i only can download from here,
really thank you...
i am so in love with stabbing's version!


no funciona nada,, reupload please .. thanks