Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Random 80's Wednesday

The Daintees - Roll On Summertime (7" Single, 1982) Legal Download
The Promise - Glasshouse (12" Single, 1985)
The Blue Nile - Stay (12" Single, 1984) Legal Download
The Blow Monkeys - Forbidden Fruit (12" Single, 1985) Legal Download
The Damned - Edward The Bear (12" Single, 1985) Legal Download

Yes, Random 80's is back, back, BACK!!!


Miss Parker said...

"Yes, Random 80's is back, back, BACK!!!"

And, not a moment too soon. ;-)

Thank you for the great selections.

Mikeyten said...

Here here miss parker,Yes good to see them 80´s back

Graham Land said...

Thanks a lot for posting the 12" version of "Edward the Bear". I got (maybe still have somewhere) the white vinyl when it came out and always preferred this version to the on on the LP. You also reminded me of The Daintees. I used to love "Crocodile Cryer".