Thursday, August 7, 2008

Merrick and Tibbs - Call of the Wild (1982)

Merrick & Tibbs - Call of the Wild

1. Call of the Wild
2. Call of the Wild (Extended Mix)
3. Tiger Tiger


Forever immortalized in the song "Ant Rap" (Marco, Merrick, Terry Lee, Gary Tibbs and yours tru-ly), Gary and Merrick (real name Chris Hughes) went from being the bassist and drummer with Adam & The Ants to producing a one-off single project in 1982.

Chris Hughes went on to perform with Tears For Fears and others before become a producer. Gary Tibbs is now the bassist for the reformed new wave outfit The Fixx.


arnoldtan said...

hi, thanks for some u share songs that i have been downloaded.......nice the way, do you have the band called STAGE, its from UK, with a song called NOTHING STRANGER THAN TODAY, can you please post this song.....thanks

JC said...

Tibbs was also the bassist (foe a short while) with Roxy Music circa 79/80...