Monday, November 17, 2008

Link-O-Rama Part Une

It's been ages (about six weeks actually) since I last did a links post. This time I thought I would make an effort to revisit places I have mentioned in the past, as well as a couple of new ones, before degenerating into a stream of consciousness ramble about, well, whatever.

I've mentioned Scratchy Buckles before, albeit very briefly. An interesting blend of cartoons, modern sounds, and weird trivia, Scratchy manages to poke fun at us vinyl-obsessed raincoat wearing goofballs, at the same time as pointing out how endearing nostalgia can be. One of his recent posts features Rusty Goffe, who used to be the head Oompah Lumpah for Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka - who apparently released an album around the time with titles like "Ten Feet Tall" and "Scotch On The Rocks". Too early for a cover of Randy Newman's "Short People", sadly.

Sheerinertia's Engine, sadly, is no more, due no doubt to the intensely negative backlash certain popular bloggers have been subjected to in the last couple of months.

Island Monkey has now gone private, so I am unable to comment on what's going on there.

Rho-Xs is another one that is close to closure:
Hello, well all my reupdating seems to have attracted the real leeches that live off artists, i suppose you have to expect that this blog will be closed any day now..well i enjoyed sharing and as i said before was winding down Rho-Xs. Obviously the fact that i stay far away from new titles or the MP3 format technically doesnt matter. You can say goodbye at /Rho-Xs if you feel like of luck, Rho
On a brighter note, Little Hits is still going strong and just featured "Pure" by The Lightning Seeds - a perennial favorite of mine. And how about the video, while we're at it:

Another blog that's gone private is Cesar, previously a trove of early 90's stuff. Brent's Brave New Waves is long gone - anyone know if he's still doing anything?

Jacyk's 80>90 Music Memories has been inactive since August, after all his links went dead. Anyone noticing a trend here? I previously described Rockistory as "the most schizophrenic blog ever" and while it is still a massive mash up, at least it is still going strong. Recent posts include Mike Ness, Shocking Blue and Link Wray.

Saltyka is still producing posts the size of Asia, but his last post was over a month ago. Perhaps he got a job? Or he's researching something really, really sizeable. Like The Complete History of Every Rock Act in the World Ever, Except for Sue Pollard.

Sweeping The Nation is still, um, sweeping up, but deduct a point for titling your blogroll Every half-decent music-related blog in the world and then not mentioning the fabu (and still alive, at least) Mine For Life. Let justice be done! [UPDATE - I now have a link. Cheers!]

Worldvix, who I mentioned once, seems to have gone the way of Naughty Blogger (TM) and is busy posting all the recent releases you can think of. Without any prblems, apparently. So, like a Twilight Zone episode, it appears that posting a Secession 12" single from 1987 might be worse than oh, let's see, giving away the new Taylor Swift album. Make sense of that!


McDoC said...

are you referring to Brent "The Sandman"?. He has a blog called "TimeCapsule" ( which has gone private. I could send you his email if you don't have it and if you're interested.

brent said...

Hey fifty,

I'm still around like mcdoc said, I went private with a new blog.

e-mail me if you still have the e-mail..if not, let me know.


fiftypercent said...

Brent, if u don't mind send me an invite to

Would love to catch up