Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Better Days

I tend to stay out of politics. While many of my Blogger friends have commented publicly on the Presidential Election and it's outcome, I'm still absorbing the impact and waiting to see what direction the country will go in. I am proud to say I voted in the election, for the first time as a US Citizen. What prompted this post was a songwriting exercise I found on an old thumb drive which dated back to the last Election between Bush and Kerry. I had attempted to write something in the style and tone of a piano ballad, similar perhaps to "A Month of Sundays" by Don Henley or "Sail Away" by Randy Newman. After four years, I am still quite proud of it. And perhaps, now, finally, those better days are on the horizon.

Better Days
This whole town’s awash with money
It’s the same across the land
It’s not mine so I keep running
Trying hard to understand
We will win the war on terror
That’s what the politicians say
But they’re the ones that I’m afraid of
Promising better days

The parties fight and spin their rhetoric
Talk about medals and Vietnam
As if this country needs a hero
Most of us don’t give a damn
We’re tired of the lies and pointing fingers
Trapped inside a court of blame
We want to know how to feed our children
See those better days again

It’s a time for revolution
You can email from your phone
On a jet straight out of Bangor
There’s no need to be alone
Run home to watch the television
Laugh at folks like you and me
Let’s degrade ourselves for money
Better days are on TV

Let’s beam our dreams the whole world over
Salute our empire so benign
Fly to Mars to look for weapons
Better days are yours and mine

So why is it that I keep thinking
About my childhood years ago
Bags of marbles in the playground
Hide and seek and tic-tac-toe
Perhaps I’m like an LP record
Tired and worn out point of view
I’m just thinking of my children
Praying for better days
Hoping for better days
Longing for better days
For You

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Miss Parker said...

That is truly a lovely, poignant, bittersweet look at how life is shaping up. Only time will tell...I wish I had more optimism.

Have you ever put those wonderful words to music? They deserve it.

All the best,