Monday, November 10, 2008

More Face To Face

I had quite a lot of positive feedback to the Face To Face track I posted last week. I'm reluctant to post any more, because Wounded Bird reissued the Face To Face catalog a couple of years ago. Here are the details:

The debut album, Face To Face, is currently available from Amazon:

The second album, Confrontation, released in 1986, is also available:

Here's the video for "10-9-8":

And here's the video for "Under The Gun":

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Anonymous said...

I'm in Boston where Face To Face were from, and tho I never saw them in the day, I remember seeing this video a lot on the local attempt at MTV called V-66, which in retrospect, was not completely useless, and you got to see local bands and their dopey attempts at video.....anyway, this was the only FtF song I really liked.....jim