Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Return To Eden

Seeing as my blog is named after an Ultravox song, their 1982 album Quartet is my favorite album of all time, and that I never got to see them live as I was in my early teens when they split up, you might guess I am more than a little stoked at the news that the classic band line up is reforming for a 14 date tour in the United Kingdom next April.

Probably the only band I can think of that I would fly across the Atlantic for. Are any of my British friends planning on going?

More details on the tour at the excellent official Ultravox website.


Don Atealgo said...

One of the best band !!


adam said...

I'm quite tempted by the Birmingham date. I have a picture disc copy of 'Quartet', all swirly green patterns, that I got for christmas from an uncle way back when, which I might just get out and play...b

Anonymous said...

I second your choice for 'Quartet' as their best.

'Reap the wild wind' is simply an amazing song.