Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ultravox - Set Movements Interview 1984

Here's a treat for all you fellow Ultravox fans out there. It's a short tape I won on eBay which I think was part of the Set Movements Tour Program. It's an interview with the band with instrumental backing and ends with a short piece called the 'Rivets' Soundrack which was commissioned for a Levi's advert. As this piece is a new piece of music from my favorite Ultravox era that I was not even aware of, I have included it as a separate digital file. Enjoy!

Set Movements Interview

'Rivets' Soundtrack


RObert POland said...

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Link is dead. Any chance of a re--post??

Anonymous said...

Hi, pretty please can you re-up the Rivets commercial? I'm looking for it constantly but cannot find it anywhere. Please help me! I'll be very grateful!