Friday, December 26, 2008

The Vinyl Frontier

Unlike many of my compatriots in the music blogosphere, I can't lay claim to hording a treasure trove of vinyl. I pretty much dumped my (fairly limited) record collection in 1988, as soon as I bought a compact disc player, and never looked back. CD's have always been the focus of my music collection.

Once I started burrowing around for older stuff, I have managed to track down a lot of things digitally through the collections of others and from blogs, and I also gradually acquired a large box of cassettes I was able to digitize without too much trouble.

Gradually, though, I have found that I have continued to look for certain things that existed on vinyl, without success. This led me to conclude that I was going to have to break down and get a turntable and some original vinyl. The original vinyl has started coming, courtesy of eBay, but I had to put the turntable on hold (something to do with making sure Christmas was all about the kids) but I'm sure it will happen.

I'm going home (i.e. England) for New Year and I'm quite excited about the possibility of bringing back some vinyl. I have to say that wading through vinyl in stores here in the US has, so far, been a very frustrating and tedious exercise). Some of the bands/groups I have already zeroed in on are This Other Eden, The Promise, Keep It Dark, Rain And Tears, Freeez, Private Lives, Lemon Hearts, and The Quick.

Naturally, the intention is to post everything I get my hands on, for the benefit of all. I've added a PayPal donation button to the blog, so that if anyone would like to contribute towards either getting the turntable or some of the obscure 80's vinyl I'm planning to make available, they may do so. Or, if you have found the blog useful for other reasons, it's a valid way to say thanks for the effort. I'm expecting a lot of exciting things for 2009!!


raveandroll said...

Have a safe and absolutely fabulous trip back home. I can't wait to see what you find over there :-)


JC said...

Good luck with the rummaging....although I reckon with more folk returning again to vinyl in recent times (thanks to USB turntables), bargains are hard to find.

Jenny said...

Happy New Year!! I gave away all of my vinyl to a local record shop a couple years back...gave up about 250+ rare 12"/LPs for about $.50 cents per pop -- the worst part is I paid $12 or more for each online only a few years earlier, but to try and sell the stuff on eBay was just too much of a pain, IMHO. Oh well, 2009 sounds to be promosing!!!

Take care,